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Clean Lines

January 29, 2016

Still from a Hindi film ‘Chashme Badoor’ (1981) featuring Deepti Naval who plays role of a Chamko detergent salesgirl. 

Edited by Border & Fall

The human hand, technology and sustainability are key to garment design – as are the moods and moments associated with textiles. Shift elicits anecdotes from across India, speaking to how – and why – clothing will always remain more than what meets the eye. In the following interview, Designer Nimish Shah gets down to the brass tacks of garment care, speaking to Gurpreet Kohli and Neelam Solanki from the Unilever Technical Insights team. They take a closer look at the responsibilities between textile developers and detergent design; reveal the shift in consumer behaviour towards garment care and low environmental impact, and discuss possible digital interventions to decipher the undervalued and misunderstood ‘care label’:


Moschino X Jermy Scott

December 4, 2015

For Pre-AW15, Jeremy Scott continues to develop Moschino’s tongue-in-cheek aesthetic to brilliant effect. This oversized T-shirt dress is made from white satin and emblazoned with a dry-cleaning receipt print. Don’t reserve it for laundry days – slip it on by night with a colour-pop clutch and wedge sandals.

Is Laundry only a women’s job?

Share the Load
Ariel gives us an everyday perspective

The Laundromat – Prada

April 27, 2015

An overdose of candy-coloured formica, an elegant striptease by a middle-aged pin up, played by Ellen Jamison. De Wilde is not afraid to saturate our senses. The Prada Galleria is the silent star, its presence driving the narrative, its iconic looks impossible to ignore.

No Offense

October 17, 2014


Fabric Conditioner

A cap full of fabric conditioner in your everyday load gives that little bit of extra care and makes your clothes irresistibly soft and fresh. It may not change a persons character but definitely the way your clothes touches your body.

Long time no see clever advertisement – Top marks to “Comfort”


Clear Conscience

August 12, 2014

This little goody two-shoe detergent offered by the prodigy behind Mumbai’s graphic, knick knack shop Filter in Kalaghoda. Impeccable packaging makes it a perfect left of center gift. Made in Auroville, the natural laundry suds are biodegradable, contain no enzymes or chlorines and can be used both for hand wash and machine. They mention to use the left over water for gardening – Genius!

Net Wt: 500gms
INR 160
Hand Wash

Clothes with this symbol are usually fragile and simple in construction, Give them a quick soak in a sink after diluting some of this powder and squeeze water out – try squeezing the garment as if you were kneading dough instead of twisting it. This is best for plain cotton garments (watch out for colour bleed) / cotton khadi / intimate apparels / fine knits (with extra care).