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Lines to Follow

August 12, 2014

Monica Dogra
Singer and actress; one half of the electro duo Shaa’ir and Func – stole the show in her debut performance Kiran Rao’s Dhobi Ghat (more coming on that latter) Travel with her through her post.

Nidhi Jacob
Fashion Editor: Elle India
Top Marks to Granny Gangster’s old soul and young spirit. Her artsy instagram feeds are full of life through a funky lens. Butch and soft at the same time.


Dhobi – India’s Laundromen


Design Temple dissects and interprets Dhobi in this beautiful illustration.

The Dhobi or India’s quintessential laundry man washes dirty linen in public. The clothes are thrashed with a bat, rinsed, dried and returned to you neatly pressed and duly marked. (Each dhobi has his own exclusive marking system so that clothes from various clients do not get mixed up in the large community washing area.)

Poster: 26” X 36”
INR 2500

Clear Conscience


This little goody two-shoe detergent offered by the prodigy behind Mumbai’s graphic, knick knack shop Filter in Kalaghoda. Impeccable packaging makes it a perfect left of center gift. Made in Auroville, the natural laundry suds are biodegradable, contain no enzymes or chlorines and can be used both for hand wash and machine. They mention to use the left over water for gardening – Genius!

Net Wt: 500gms
INR 160
Hand Wash

Clothes with this symbol are usually fragile and simple in construction, Give them a quick soak in a sink after diluting some of this powder and squeeze water out – try squeezing the garment as if you were kneading dough instead of twisting it. This is best for plain cotton garments (watch out for colour bleed) / cotton khadi / intimate apparels / fine knits (with extra care).